Our Mission

The mission of Washington FBLA is to educate and network next generation entrepreneurs and business leaders in Washington State.  We focus on bridging the gap between business and education through innovative leadership and career development opportunities.

Our Core Values

These values were developed by our board at its annual retreat on July 25, 2014:

Operate with ethics and integrity. Be transparent, open, and honest about matters, and ensure we do the right thing for the good of the whole organization.

Develop good people. Create great leaders. Everything we do should model great behavior that our next generation leaders aspire to emulate.

Grow. Learn. Achieve. In a pathway to growing our membership, we will value learning and achieving new levels of performance that build our brand, our team, and ourselves.

Mindset of Service. We do our work with an attitude and mindset of service to others. We focus on creating value for our members, advisors, communities, sponsors, and volunteers who help us reach our goals.

Collaborative teamwork. We are one great team, and we work together to achieve success. Our presumption is that positive intent exists within each of us, with the goal to make WAFBLA excellent!

Embrace adventure. Our work is fun and engaging. We work through challenges and build on our mistakes. We are able to speak freely, be authentic, and enjoy the spirit of adventure in our activities.