Membership Growth!

Western Region

With only a few weeks left for the state membership cutoff, a number of chapters have had a very good year for recruiting. As of January 14, 36 chapters had grown by 15% or more over last year’s totals! That qualifies them for an awesome stack-a-ribbon at state to commemorate their achievement.

Another way to be recognized for your or your chapter’s success in membership is through national membership programs. For example, if you have recruited five or ten members, you can enter Membership Madness or Membership Mania respectively. Get your name on the National Web site, as well as a great certificate. For more info on these programs, as well as the applications, visit the national site  (

While every chapter still has time to grow before Winter Conferences are over, here are the top chapters so far. Will you get your chapter on this list?

Top 10 Schools by Percentage Membership Increase
1. Concrete – 475%
2. Hockinson -  225%
3. Tahoma – 150%
4. Inglemoor – 108%
5. Zillah – 105%
6. Federal Way – 100%
7. Olympic – 89%
8. Toledo – 83%
9. Robert A. Long – 80%
10. Lynnwood – 73%

As more membership totals come in, more schools will certainly be added to the list! For now, it’s great to see so much tremendous growth.


Submitted by: Gordon Shelton-Jenck


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