SBLC Community Service Events

By Jackson Spencer, State Vice President Representing the Northeast Region


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Your officer team has planned multiple community service events for this year’s SBLC in Seattle. These events include a Copper/Silver War and a bid to Dance with a State Officer.

Copper Silver War

All of the regions will be competing in a Copper Silver War. This is an event where each of the 9 regions will have a donation bin that anyone can add loose change. Copper coins, pennies, will count as positive points. Silver coins, quarters, nickels, and dimes, will all count negatively towards a region. It is very important that you bring pennies for your own region and silver coins for all of the others. This will be a fun and exciting way to show which region is the most supportive, and donate to Make-A-Wish® simultaneously.

Dance with a State Officer

During this conference we will also be holding the Dance with a State Officer silent auction. All members will be able to bid on an officer. The member with the highest bid will win a dance on Friday with the officer they bid on at the dance. All of the money collected during this auction will also be donated to Make-A-Wish®.

We encourage you to come prepared to give to a great cause and be ready to enjoy some friendly competition. See you all in April!

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