The purpose of conducting the State Business Leadership Conference is to provide a culminating or capstone experience for the many leadership activities held throughout the year. The Washington State Awards Program is just one of many activities that provide leadership training in order to develop competent, self-assured business leaders.

Included in the State Business Leadership Conference are the following:

  1. Personal and professional development, including but not limited to:
    1. conferencing skills
    2. human relations and social skills
    3. career exploration
    4. leadership development
    5. political awareness
    6. networking with business and industry
  2. Competitive development through:
    1. individual skill and business concepts events
    2. team events
    3. chapter events
    4. campaigning for state office


The mission of the Washington State Awards Program is to prepare students for successful careers in business through support for curriculum development and innovative assessment tools. To help meet that charge, this competitive events series has been developed and made available to local chapters for use in assessing students in the various knowledge,
skills, and abilities that make up today’s business education curriculum.


FBLA is committed to facilitating the transition of its members from their educational development into their career path. The competitive events program plays a central role in delivering this commitment. The program allows members to demonstrate and validate their mastery of essential business concepts, skills, and knowledge. In addition, members participating in this program will:

  • demonstrate their career competencies, business knowledge, and job-related skills.
  • expand their leadership skills.
  • demonstrate their competitive spirit.
  • receive recognition for their achievements.

The Washington State FBLA Business Leadership Competitive Event Guidelines have been correlated with the Business Education Curriculum Standards published by the National Business Education Association (NBEA). Each event’s specific guidelines indicate specific standards measured through that competition.


State guidelines have been aligned with national guidelines, unless the event has no national progression. You are urged to review these guidelines and rating sheets carefully so as not to miss specific details. These guidelines replace all prior versions and will be in effect beginning with the current year’s FBLA Regional and State Business Leadership Conferences. Any subsequent changes in these guidelines will be distributed to active chapters by the state office and will be clearly labeled as to their effective dates.

These competitive events are provided as a membership benefit. Only those students who meet the official membership eligibility requirements and are on record as dues-paid members with the national office by February 15, or the regional dues deadline (whichever comes first), are eligible to compete in these events. Membership in FBLA is unified on local, state, and national levels and is not available separately. All membership dues POs initiated in the fall must be paid by February 15.

All state conference fees not paid in full by June 30 will be assessed a $10 late fee per registration on July 1.

The Washington State Awards Program at the State Business Leadership Conference exemplifies the range of activities and focus of Future Business Leaders of America. These events are based on projects developed from the goals of FBLA-PBL and the curricula of business education programs. The WASHINGTON STATE ASSOCIATION OF FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA State Awards Program was developed to assist Washington State chapters in preparing students for competition at the State Business Leadership Conference.

It should be emphasized that competitive events are only one of the many phases of the total FBLA Program and that FBLA competitive events are only one of the strategies used in preparing for advancement in business education and related careers.

Participants should review and use rating sheets for events in preparation for events, as they will be the basis of judging.

The regulations, procedures, eligibility, judging, etc., are periodically adjusted to fit modern business practices. Each active chapter will be advised of these changes. Washington State FBLA always welcomes written comments from local chapters with regard to improving the competitive events.